To be grounded in your body is to live a life wherein your body, mind, and heart are balanced. Hundreds of persons, including teachers, counselors, and therapists, have benefited from the Getting Grounded Manual and Body Sensing Meditation CD which help to develop a more grounded way of life.

Do You Have these Ungrounded Symptoms?

  • Feeling scattered, stressed, anxious, or panicky
  • Feeling spaced-out, absent-minded, dazed
  • Are you accident prone, a klutz?
  • Have a sense of self centered in the head
  • Have difficulties sleeping, because of your overactive mind
  • Live from the head, not from the body and its senses
  • Mind and body not integrated
  • Being out of touch with your senses
  • Relating to life through our head, not our senses

Why Not Get Grounded, and Enjoy …

  • Greater calm and a quieted mind
  • Being here, now, in your present moment
  • Being more physically skillful, graceful
  • Experiencing yourself as a mind, heart, and body
  • More settled sleep, less disturbed by a less active mind
  • Being embodied
  • Mind and body integration
  • Being in touch with your sensory life and world
  • Enjoying the sensory aliveness of your life

Explore These Two Ways You Can Improve Your Quality of Life by Getting Grounded …

Explore the Manual

The Getting Grounded Manual

Learn more about the Manual which offers more than 50 illustrated body-grounding exercises with so easy-to-follow instructions.
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Explore the CD

The Body Sensing Guided Meditation CD

Learn more about the Body Sensing Guided Meditation CD which helps develop grounding and body-mind integration through the power of neuroplasticity.
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