Getting Grounded Manual author

Michael Nagel MA

Who Am I?

Michael Nagel the author of the Getting Grounded Manual and Body Sensing CD,  is a counselor in private practice in Portland, Oregon and also an author and blogger.

As a counselor, Michael has been trained in a variety of counseling modalities, but, especially relevant to the Manual, also trained in the somatic or body-oriented approach to therapy.

Given this background, Michael was especially sensitive to the needs of his clients to become more grounded. Since there were no comprehensive written instructions on grounding which clients could take home with them, Michael decided to write the Getting Grounded Manual.

To this day, the illustrated Manual remains perhaps the most comprehensive, yet easy to use, treatment of grounding.

Michael also has written articles and papers which have appeared in magazines, a scholarly journal, and two books.

Michael also writes a blog, The Personal Authenticity Project. His counseling practice is Whole Person Counseling.

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The Getting Grounded Manual

Learn more about the Manual which offers more than 50 illustrated body-grounding exercises with so easy-to-follow instructions.
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The Body Sensing Guided Meditation CD

Learn more about the Body Sensing Guided Meditation CD which helps develop grounding and body-mind integration through the power of neuroplasticity.
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