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The Body Sensing Meditation CD develops your grounded mind and body integration through the power of neuroplasticity. Let me explain.

You and I look like that fellow on the left. No Kidding. Well, that’s at least how our brains see us.

You see, our brains assign vast amounts of brain cells to our hands, head, and face. The fellow roughly represents the proportion of neurons which our brain allocates to different parts of our bodies.

What does that have to do with body sensing and grounding?

Well, if you are ungrounded as a way of life, the skinny areas and hands of the fellow become even more skimpy. Why? Because a chronically ungrounded person’s inattention to the body results in fewer neurons being assigned to body functioning.

This explains why some ungrounded persons have difficulty experiencing different parts of their bodies.

On the other hand, focused use of and attention to a behavior results in a greater number of neurons assigned to that behavior.

For example a violinist will have a larger number of neurons assigned to her bow arm and hand than the average person. This allows for the exquisitely subtle of movements of the arm and hand which the violinist needs for her art. This is possible due to neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticisty – What is it?

body sensing meditation

Neuroplasticity is a recently developed area of science which recognizes that experience changes the brain’s structure by creating new connections between brain cells and new cells.

For example, novel experiences and emotionally charged experiences can create new connections between brain cells and new neurons.

Also repeated experiences can develop neural pathways, like the violinist’s repeated violin practice causing her brain to give more cells to the bow arm.

The body sensing meditation CD marries neuroplasticity to grounding

So too repeatedly doing a body sensing meditation results in the brain’s developing ever more neural pathways related to the sensed areas of the body.

As you do the meditation over time, areas of the body which once were difficult to sense become more and more easy to sense. Why? Because the focused attention to sensing of your repeated meditations is developing new brain connections.

In fact, with repeated practice, over time you can become more aware of ever more subtle body sensations.

When listening to the Body Sensing Meditation CD, you and neuroplasticity are partnering to develop your mind and body integration and become more alive, more grounded.

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