A Free Grounding Exercise – “The Curl”

free grounding exercise

Do you ever feel harried, scattered, or just plain zoned out?

If so, the following free grounding exercise will help bring you home to yourself, and help calm you. You can do it anywhere, anytime. Try it. You’ll feel the difference immediately. Often I start my sessions with clients with this grounding technique known as “The Curl”.

A Free Grounding Exercise – “The Curl”

Dr. Alexander Lowen, MD., founder of the psychological discipline called “Bioenergetics”, first described this grounding technique called “The Curl”.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Your heels should be slightly turned outwards to help relax the perineum and buttocks. From here on, let gravity do all the work.

Beginning with your head, SLOWLY let your head and neck begin to curl downwards. Continuing to let gravity do all the work, let your spine continue to curl downwards as you bend downwards.

If your fingertips can touch the ground without strain to your back, that’s great. If not, don’t fret, for your grounding doesn’t depend on how far down you bend.

When you finish bending, your head should hang loosely from your neck like an apple suspended on a string. Relax your shoulders and arms so that they hang loosely too.

Resting in this curled position, now bring all your sensing awareness to your bodily sensations. Especially sense your legs and feet. Feel your calves, ankles, feet, and soles of your feet.

After sensing yourself in this curled position for 30 seconds to a minute, SLOWLY start coming up uncurling your spine from the waist first. Your neck and head are the last to uncurl to an upright position. Then enjoy a deep breath or two, and feel the difference.

Many Grounding Exercises Can Benefit You

Keep this free grounding exercise in mind for any time you may need to ground yourself. For example, if you feel anxious or panicky, do “The Curl.” Throughout the world, persons like you and me find relief from the many grounding techniques that exist. The Curl is just one of the more than 50 grounding exercises taught in The Getting Grounded Manual.

There are grounding exercises for the feet, ankles, legs, torso, standing, sitting, laying down, bending, alone, with a partner, at home, at the office, emergencies, and more. The Getting Grounded Manual teaches 50 illustrated body-grounding exercises and more.

However you choose to ground yourself, whether using this free grounding exercise or other techniques, one principle unites all: bring your awareness into your body, and experience your life through your senses.

Two Ways You Can Get Grounded

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