The Getting Grounded Manual: What’s Inside

getting grounded manual

getting grounded manual

Until now there has not been a manual devoted exclusively to teaching body-grounding exercises, despite how important grounding and body awareness is for your mental health.

Getting Grounded: A Manual of Grounding Exercises really is unique. Yes here and there on the internet you may find one or another grounding exercise. Nowhere else though will you find an illustrated collection of grounding techniques gathered from many disciplines including somatic psychology, yoga, and contemplative practices. The manual is written by Michael Nagel MA, a counselor trained in body-oriented psychology.

Getting Grounded teaches more than 50 exercises for how to ground yourself and develop body awareness. The Manual presents each exercise with easy-to-understand instructions and one or more illustrative photographs.

Exercises are provided for grounding alone or with a grounding partner. While most of the grounding techniques can be done at home, some are specifically designed for the workplace such as when attending a meeting in a conference room.

The Manual also includes a special set of techniques for those emergencies when you feel especially anxious or panicky. Knowing how to settle yourself when your anxious can be so very helpful.

The Manual gives you everything you need to understand the role of grounding in your life. If you are chronically ungrounded, you’ll benefit from the suggested exercise routine of daily grounding practice which develops mind/body integration and body awareness which alleviates stress, anxiety, and panic.

The Getting Grounded Manual Table of Contents

The spiral-bound 66-page manual is available in print, PDF, and ebook versions. It describes 50+ grounding exercises which are accompanied by 68 illustrative photographs and diagrams. The table of contents includes these topics:

About Grounding

The Anatomy of Grounding West and East

Suggestions for How to Do the Exercises

Grounding Exercises for the Feet and Ankles

Grounding Exercises for the Legs

Other Standing Grounding Exercises

Grounding Exercises on the Floor

Grounding with Others

Emergency Measures for Stress, Panic, Anxiety

Grounding at the Workplace

Grounding through Awareness

and more.

It really is possible to change your life. If you are ready to get grounded, and enjoy a more fulfilling life, get your ebook or print copy now. Select the “Purchase Now” button at the top of the page.

What Some of My Clients have to Say …

I love your new manual—it’s so thorough and user friendly! I’d like to include it as part of my program’s required book list.
Nola B., Assistant Professor of a counseling program
I consider the work you are doing to be very important.
Michael Z., Getting Grounded customer
I really like (Getting Grounded) and know that it will be helpful to me both personally and in my practice. I so appreciate the partnering practices.
Mary V., social worker
I discovered your book on the Internet while preparing our yearly two days spiritual retreat…. I attribute the success of the retreat in part to the grounding exercises from your book, with which we started each session of reading, sharing, praying and meditating. You have translated a lot of theoretical knowledge into a very useful practical manual. As I said, it is more than I expected. Thanks again.
Rafael T., Counselor
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The Getting Grounded Manual comes in print, PDF, and ebook formats. The PDF and ebook versions are immediately downloadable after purchase.
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