Grounding Meditation Enhances Your Body Awareness

grounding meditation

Are you looking for a grounding meditation technique that will help you to cultivate greater body awareness and relieve stress? When practiced regularly, this grounding meditation will do just that. Note that I also offer this meditation as the Body Sensing Guided Meditation CD recording (see the end of this page).

The Grounding Meditation Technique

You can do this meditation either laying done or sitting comfortably. If you sit, then place both feet on the floor, and rest your hands on your thighs. Take a few deep breaths. (Just taking 10 slow, easy deep breaths can help relieve stress!) Take a few moments to see and hear your environment. When you’re settled, close your eyes.

Bring your sensing awareness to your left foot. Experience the sensations of your foot as if you had never before experienced your foot. Experience the heel, the top of the foot, the sole, and each individual toe. Take your time! Experience as many different sensations as you can .

Then continue to experience your left ankle in the same way. Then your left calf and shin, knee, thigh, and hop joint.

Then shift your sensing awareness to your left hand. Experience the heel of your hand, the palm, back of the hand, and each individual finger from root to tip. Continue to experience your wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, and shoulder.

Bring your awareness now to your right shoulder. Yes, we skip over the head. Begin to sense down your body: right shoulder, right upper arm, elbow, forearm, hand. Then sense your right hip, thigh, knee, ankle, and right foot.

Grounding Meditation Tips

Here are some tips that can make your meditation experience more rewarding. First, although the instructions above started with the left foot, you could just as well start with your right foot. It doesn’t matter.

You will experience some parts of your body more easily than others. That’s normal. Why is this so? Your brain has allocated more neurons to the areas of the body which you can sense well. With repeated practice, this will change.

Because of neuroplasticity, the grounding meditation will stimulate body awareness by developing synaptic connections and neurons in the brain which are allocated to the sensory awareness of body parts which are now hard to experience. For the time being, If you have difficulty experiencing a body part, you might place a hand on that part to stimulate sensation.

This meditation can take as long as 30 minutes during which you spend an extended time experiencing each body part. It’s up to you. Repeated, preferably daily practice of this grounding meditation will develop body awareness and cultivate a grounded way of life, as will any of the more than 50 illustrated body-grounding exercises found in The Getting Grounded Manual.

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